Bar Brothers Vs Mi40x Workout

By | January 27, 2017

The Battle between mi40x and Bar Brothers

With all the workout programs and routines that are on the market today it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged when it comes to deciding on what workout program to take. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an expert, you can always benefit from learning new routines and switching up you workouts to get the best results possible. It’s becoming a much more common thing for people do do workout programs at home rather than go to the gym. You have all different sources that have on demand workouts that you can do as well as routines that you can just follow at home or at the gym if you prefer. We will be going over the two most popular and yet very different types of programs on the marker right now: Bar Brothers and Ben Pakulski’s Mi40x workout. ( Bar Brothers

Bar Brothers Workout

The bar brothers workout has spread like wildfire on the internet due to all the videos and testimonials of people doing these crazy calisthenic workouts using just their body weight. Showing lean definition and ripped abs but only using simple equipment like pull up bars and push up stands. The appeal to this workout is it makes it more accessible to people who may not have a gym close by or don’t have the money to spend on a monthly membership. These workouts are tough but they also offer a starting point for people who don’ have much experience with working out. The reason it is so applicable for beginners is they don’t really have to learn or focus on “techniques” with weights. That’s not to say that there ins’t a technique or form to the workouts but it much less of a focus than when you’re pushing and holding heavy weight. The requirement for proper form and technique is much more important in order to prevent injury.

You can do the bar brothers workout at home or at the local park ( which is often shown on those videos on facebook). The only downside if you want to call it that is if you’re looking to really gain a lot of size and truly bulk up and look like a bodybuilder than this isn’t going to be the ideal workout for you to do. because you’re only focusing on body weight exercises you’re going to get stronger but it’s not going to really pump and tear your muscles to cause them to grow very large. However it’s a great workout to do after you’ve gaine some size to shred down and get a little ripped. In order to get the bulky, massive muscles you may want to start with Mi40x.

Mi40X Workout

This workout is focused more on building huge muscles and using heavy weights. This can also be done at home should you have the weights necessary to do the workouts. This workout is designed by professional body builder Ben Pakulski who has put this workout together to really put mass on people in a short amount of time. This workout really emphasizes pushing yourself the last 4 minutes of your workout with heavy weight to really push your muscles to the max. You will need to focus on form a little bit more with this workout in order to prevent injury, but it’s nothing too complex that should cause any trouble for a beginner. Visit

You will go through a set of workouts designed to put a lot of stress on your muscles to ignite growth. You will also have a meal plan that is designed to fule your body and give you the proper macros in order to get the most out of the workout. If you don’t have the weights at home there is no need to worry. You can take the routines with you to a gym and perform them with no problem. If you really want to get the most out of these workouts it’s recommended to try both and get the benefits of the heavy lifting that is going to give you all the size you want as well as all the benefits of getting ripped and hitting those twitch muscles with body weight exercises.

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